If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. 

Albert Einstein 

Corporate culture is becoming an increasingly central focus of many companies.  The "that's how we've always done it" mentality is obsolete and does not resonate with this generation's workforce.  

But, when companies want to improve their performance and efficiency, retention, workforce satisfaction, etc., leaders are often frustrated and at a loss. 

Where do I start?  How do I find the problems? 

How am I supposed to fix the problems?  

How do I prepare and lead my team through these change?

That's where I come in.  I collaborate closely with leaders and teams to evaluate the root causes of organizational ineffectiveness and cultural distress and create interventions that help companies achieve success.  

What Distinguishes Me as an 

Organizational Effectiveness Consultant and Leadership Coach

I am able to draw upon a wealth of knowledge and experience as a Clinical Psychologist to help organizations develop interventions that account for human behavior and emotionality  in order to facilitate successful change.  In addition to being a Licensed Psychologist, my experience also includes working in leadership and program development. 

I have a special interest for the creative side of organizational development.  I value data and the role it can place in identifying problem areas and generating effective solutions.  My extensive experience in psychological assessment and psychometrics has allowed me to use assessments at all points of the employee lifespan including talent acquisition, personnel selection, leadership potential, competency evaluations, and performance ratings.  

My approach is warm and compassionate, punctuated with analytical insights that challenge my clients to embrace strategic change. As a thought partner, I aim to help people identify their core strengths and values, while facilitating an honest and robust assessment of where they can focus their growth to create better outcomes. I apply research on system theory, resilience, performance and values alignment to support the creation of mission-aligned, trauma-informed, sustainable organizations.